Parallels Desktop 19 offers a range of new features that enhance the user experience. With Touch ID integration and compatibility with macOS Sonoma, users can enjoy seamless authentication and improved performance. Additionally, the new Visual Studio Code extension allows for easier creation and management of virtual machines (VMs) directly from the code editor.

One of the key advantages of Parallels Desktop 19 is its ability to run Windows on Arm faster than native Arm-based PCs. This means that users can experience the benefits of both Mac and Windows operating systems on a single computer without sacrificing performance. Even with older Mac models like the M1-based MacBook Pro with limited RAM, Parallels Desktop 19 continues to deliver exceptional speed and reliability.

Apple and Parallels have collaborated to enhance the Virtualization framework capabilities in macOS, gradually overcoming limitations previously found on the Intel-based platform. For instance, this version of Parallels Desktop supports x86 Docker container emulation using an Arm-based Ubuntu Linux VM. This opens up new possibilities for developers and allows for increased flexibility in software development.

In terms of user interface, Parallels Desktop 19 has introduced subtle design updates that align with Apple’s latest guidelines. This includes a modernized installation process and a new icon that blends seamlessly with other Mac icons. These visual enhancements contribute to a more cohesive and visually appealing user experience.

For users who prefer a more traditional approach, Parallels Desktop 19 offers windowed and full-screen modes. While windowed mode may seem unusual, many users find it convenient to have the Windows desktop and other user interfaces readily visible. Full-screen mode, on the other hand, appeals to Mac users familiar with touchpad gesture-based app switching, as it allows the Windows desktop in the VM to function like a standalone Mac app.

Another noteworthy feature is the integration of Touch ID, which provides an added layer of security for signing into Windows VMs. Mac users can now leverage the convenience and reliability of their Mac’s native authentication system, similar to Windows Hello. Setting up Touch ID in Windows 11 is a straightforward process, requiring users to convert their local account to a Microsoft Account (MSA) or create a new account associated with an MSA or Work/School account.

Parallels Desktop 19 also addresses the needs of those who wish to virtualize macOS. Dynamic resolution support ensures the display scales appropriately as the VM window is resized, providing a seamless and optimized viewing experience. Additionally, Parallels has updated its software to align with macOS Sonoma’s advancements in shared printing, enabling Windows apps to fully utilize the printer’s features.

This latest version of Parallels Desktop also caters to the needs of students and professionals in fields like CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Its support for OpenGL 4.1 in Windows on Arm enables compatibility with critical applications such as ArcGIS CityEngine 2023, VectorWorks Vision 2023, and Deswik.CAD, among others. Furthermore, Parallels has enhanced the installation experience for various apps, including ArcGIS, AutoDesk Inventor, and Ansys Workbench, resulting in improved performance for ArcGIS Pro.

Finally, developers will appreciate the new Parallels extension, which streamlines VM creation and management directly from the code editor. By integrating with tools like HashiCorp Packer and Vagrant, this extension simplifies the development workflow, saving time and effort.

In conclusion, Parallels Desktop 19 continues to be a leading solution for running Windows on Mac seamlessly. With its impressive performance, improved virtualization capabilities, enhanced user interface, and expanded feature set, it surpasses other options in the market. Whether you’re a casual user, a professional, or a developer, Parallels Desktop 19 offers the tools and features you need for a productive and efficient computing experience.

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