The long-standing issue with Windows 11 Moment 4 that was causing the AMD profile or settings to reset on every reboot has been addressed in the November 2023 Patch Tuesday update. Upon testing, it has been confirmed that AMD customizations will no longer reset to default values after installing the November 2023 update.

This bug was initially flagged with Windows 11 Moment 4 on September 26 when users observed that their AMD profile, including tuning settings such as ‘rage mode’, would reset automatically with each reboot. The bug also affected most AMD profile settings, including CPU overclocking.

With the November 2023 update for Windows 11 version 23H2 and 22H2, Microsoft has resolved compatibility issues with AMD systems. This means that Windows will now remember your AMD profile preferences, and you won’t lose customization or performance-related settings after each reboot.

It’s important to note that you may only see improvements when using the 23.10.2 version of the Adrenalin software or newer with the November 2023 Patch Tuesday update (KB5032190).

These fixes are also included in Windows 11 23H2, which is being distributed via the Media Creation Tool.

Upon contacting affected users, it was confirmed that the Windows 11 update has fixed the AMD profile reset bug for most users. However, some users reported that the Windows Update did not resolve the issue for everyone, as a few are still experiencing the frustrating problem of their AMD settings being reset.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that this month’s security update has effectively addressed the AMD issues. Those who continue to experience the AMD profile reset issue may have another root cause, and the Windows 11 update may not be responsible for it.

While the Windows 11 AMD profile bug has been patched, KB5032190 has its share of issues, including a bug that causes systems to get stuck in a boot loop. Some devices might fail to apply the update during installation and continue failing in a reboot loop. Users reported experiencing boot problems after installing the update and were only able to resolve the issue by uninstalling the specific update.

Microsoft has acknowledged, in a support document, that it’s aware of two known issues related to the November 2023 update. One of the bugs causes the font format for COLRv1 not to render correctly, and another causes icons to move unexpectedly on the desktop, particularly when using Windows Copilot. Microsoft is currently working on another Windows update to address these issues in the coming months.

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