Microsoft has announced the availability of new versions of Notepad and Snipping Tool for Windows 11. These updates come with exciting new features and can be accessed through the Dev and Canary channels of the Windows Insider Program.

One notable enhancement in Notepad is the introduction of auto-saving for text files. This much-awaited feature has finally made its way to Notepad after being first implemented in my own Notepad alternative, .NETpad, back in 2019.

With auto-saving enabled, Notepad will now automatically save your session state. This means that you can close Notepad without any interruptions, and when you return, you can seamlessly continue your work from where you left off. Previously open tabs and any unsaved content or edits across those tabs will be restored. It’s important to note that this feature does not affect your files, and you still have the choice to save or discard unsaved changes when closing a tab. However, if you prefer a fresh start every time you open Notepad, you can always disable this feature in the app settings.

In addition to Notepad, the Snipping Tool is also receiving an update to enhance the user experience. It will now feature a sleeker combined capture bar, allowing you to easily switch between capturing screenshots and screen recordings without the need to open the app first. You can simply press the PRTSCRN (Print Screen) key or use the shortcut WINKEY + SHIFT + S for a screen snip, or WINKEY + SHIFT + R for a screen recording.

These updates are expected to be included in Windows 11 version 23H2 in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Microsoft.

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