Integrated into Microsoft 365 commercial accounts, Clipchamp recently launched four new features on its web-based video editor. The Clipchamp team states that they aim to make video creation easy for everyone, even for those with no prior experience, and they are excited to share these new features to meet all video creation and editing needs.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp in September 2021 and its integration with Windows 10 and 11, new features have been released. One of these features, Auto compose, has been promised for the Windows 11 version 23H2 update, along with several other AI-based features. Additionally, Clipchamp has been made part of various Microsoft 365 subscription tiers, integrating with OneDrive storage and eliminating the need for a separate subscription.

As part of these new improvements, Clipchamp has introduced Auto compose, Content library, Audio recording, and Text to speech editing features. These features are available to all users, including the web-based version of the app. Auto compose allows users to upload photos and videos, select a video style, and let the AI create a finished video. The Content library consolidates stock images, videos, music, graphics, stickers, and backgrounds into one location, while Audio recording enables users to record voice-overs up to 30 minutes long. Text-to-speech editing improvements allow users to change the language, voice, emotion, pitch, and edit the script from the property panel.

Microsoft 365 commercial subscribers are slated to receive Text-to-speech editing improvements in early 2024. Additionally, there are differences in accessing Clipchamp with personal (Gmail or Microsoft) or Microsoft 365 commercial accounts, and Microsoft has introduced a Clipchamp Premium license for subscribers, offering 4K exports and advanced features.

For more information on how to access Clipchamp with different account types and to learn about the newly created Clipchamp Premium license, users are directed to the Microsoft Support website.

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