Microsoft starts testing Windows 11’s new voice AI feature on all PCs with Build 26040

The Windows 11 Build 26040 introduces support for Voice AI on all hardware. Voice AI, utilizing AI/ML features to reduce background noise, was previously limited to Surface hardware. With Build 26040 or newer, Microsoft has started testing Voice AI for newer Intel and AMD PCs.

As the new year unfolds, Microsoft is hard at work again on Windows, with an update titled Windows 11 24H2. This update will bring various new AI features, including the addition of Voice Clarity to PCs.

Voice Clarity, according to Microsoft, relies on “state-of-the-art AI technology” to enhance the audio experience on Windows, canceling echo, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberation in real-time. Moreover, this feature will not require any new hardware.

Microsoft has confirmed support for all Arm64 and x64 CPUs, ensuring that any PC running Windows 11 can benefit from the new feature. Although promising, there is concern regarding potential soft blocks on unsupported PCs running Windows 11.

Voice Clarity is expected to enhance the audio quality on communication applications like Teams, WhatsApp, and Phone Link, as well as for multiplayer PC games with online voice chats. The implementation of the feature will largely depend on developers.

The anticipated rollout of Voice Clarity for all users is expected later this year with the Windows 11 24H2 update.

Additional changes introduced with Windows 11 Build 26040 include the capability for Windows to notify users immediately when a new photo or screenshot is taken on an Android device, an update to the Windows OS Media setup UI, support for the latest USB4 standard, enhanced accessibility features, and updates to Screen Casting and LAPS, among other noticeable changes.

Given that Canary builds can include device-breaking bugs and that some improvements may ship outside of Windows 11 version 24H2, it is important to approach these updates cautiously.

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