Microsoft readies Windows 11 23H2 2023 update for release

Windows 11 23H2, also known as “Windows 11 2023 Update,” is expected to be released as an optional update in the coming weeks. It won’t bring major changes to your device but aims to reset the Windows support cycle to receive updates and security patches for a longer period.

One of the recent support documents confirms that the official name of the update is “Windows 11 2023 Update.” Additionally, it clarifies that there won’t be any changes to hardware requirements or certifications.

Windows 11 23H2 is an enablement package update to the current version, Windows 11 22H2. It includes all the features of the Windows 11 Moment 4 update, such as Windows Copilot and taskbar ungrouping. However, you can also enable these features on Windows 11 22H2 by toggling the Moment 4 option.

The main objective of the Windows 11 2023 Update is to extend the support cycle, ensuring it receives updates and security patches for a longer duration compared to Windows 11 22H2.

Apart from the Moment 4 changes, Windows 11 23H2 introduces some specific updates. The “Chat” functionality is now replaced with the “Microsoft Teams (free)” app, providing better integration with other Windows applications. The free version of Microsoft Teams, pinned to the taskbar by default, offers a simplified communication interface for chatting and calling friends.

Furthermore, in version 23H2, Microsoft Teams (free) integration allows users to link their Android phones through the “Phone Link” feature. This integration enables sending and receiving various items, including meeting links, using a regular phone number.

Since “Chat” is being replaced by “Microsoft Teams (free),” Microsoft will remove the “Chat” button from the taskbar.

Other notable changes in Windows 11 23H2 include a new button in the Action Center’s Cast flyout for easy device casting setup and troubleshooting. Additionally, users can now modify the device’s name in the Nearby Share feature.

These are the specific changes in version 23H2, but eventually, they will be incorporated into version 22H2.

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