Microsoft Launches Windows 11 2023 Upgrade (23H2)

Microsoft is officially announcing the release of the Windows 11 2023 update, which is named version 23H2 of the operating system. As explained by Microsoft previously, the Windows 11 2023 Update is provided as an enablement package. It includes the addition of Copilot in Windows and over 150 new features that Microsoft had previously released as an optional update on September 26.

The preview version of Copilot in Windows, along with the updated File Explorer and other features from the September 26 update, were also included in the optional “D” release for Windows 11 version 22H2, which Microsoft released on October 26. However, the Windows 11 2023 update, available starting today, introduces three additional changes:

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2. Microsoft Teams (free): The original “Chat” app that came with the initial release of Windows 11 is being replaced by Microsoft Teams (free). This app is now pinned to the taskbar by default.

3. New “system” label in Start Menu: Windows 11 system components, such as File Explorer, Microsoft Store, Settings, and Windows Tools, now display a “system” label in the “All apps” view of the Start Menu.

Additionally, Windows 11 users can now manage system components by navigating to Settings > System > System Components, thanks to the new Systems Components page in the Settings menu.

If the Windows 11 2023 update utilizes the same codebase as Windows 11 version 22H2, this new update will restart the support cycle. Home and Pro users will receive 24 months of support, while Enterprise and Education users will enjoy 36 months of support. The shared codebase also ensures a seamless update process for organizations, with a fast installation experience instead of a complete OS upgrade.

If your PC is already running Windows 11 version 22H2, you can download the Windows 11 2023 update (version 23H2) today by following these steps: Go to Settings > Windows Update, enable “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available,” and select “Check for updates.”

According to John Cable, Vice President, Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, if any issues are detected on your device, such as application incompatibility, a safeguard hold may be implemented. This means the update will not be offered until the issue is resolved. In the coming months, the auto-updating rollout process will commence, and more information will be shared on the Windows release health hub.

For IT professionals, the Windows 11 2023 Update is also available through Windows Server Update Services, Windows Update for Business, and the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). It’s worth noting that Copilot in Windows is enabled by default in markets where it’s available (specifically North America, certain parts of Asia, and South America), but it can still be disabled using a policy.

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