Microsoft is Experimenting with Copilot, DMA Compliance, and Other Features in Windows 11

Microsoft has recently released Windows 11 builds 22631/22621.2787 to the Release Preview Channel with significant changes related to Copilot and Digital Market Act (DMA) compliance. As these features have been made available in the Windows Insider Preview channel, it is anticipated that they will soon be included in the stable version of Windows 11.

Key updates in these builds include:

1. Copilot in Alt + Tab: Users will now be able to access Copilot using the Alt + Tab multitasking shortcut, with plans to make it widely available in the upcoming months.

2. Copilot on other displays: Insiders can now open Copilot on any secondary display by clicking the Copilot button in the Taskbar on that display. Additionally, the Winkey + C shortcut will open Copilot on the last display it was used on.

3. Copilot with local accounts: These builds will enable Copilot for users who sign in with a local account, allowing for 10 queries before prompting users to sign in with a Microsoft account or Entra ID.

4. DMA compliance: In line with Microsoft’s commitment to comply with certain DMA requirements, these builds implement changes in the European Economic Area (EEA), including the ability to uninstall most in-box apps and the ability to remove Bing and Edge.

5. Windows Spotlight: This will be set as the default background, potentially affecting users currently using a stock Windows 11 background image.

These updates are expected to enhance user experience and provide greater flexibility within the Windows 11 environment.

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