Windows Terminal is introducing an optional feature – AI Chat powered by ChatGPT on Windows 11. The ChatGPT integration is now available in Terminal (Canary), a new development channel for testing experimental features before a broader release. With ChatGPT AI Chat in Terminal, users can utilize AI to generate commands, explain errors, and receive recommendations.

Microsoft aims for the Terminal to use natural language AI to explain commands, such as “DISM”, or errors encountered when running commands. Additionally, it can suggest actions, such as an alternative command if the original one is unsuccessful.

According to recent Github commits, Microsoft added AI integration to Terminal’s Canary channel last week, and it was showcased during the Build 2023 developer conference. However, it’s worth noting that this feature does not currently include its large-language model.

It is important to note that users will need to access the Azure-based OpenAI’s invite-only API service to use the AI integration in Windows Terminal. This means that the feature may not be available to most users unless they have access to Azure OpenAI service.

To use Terminal Chat, users will need to download the app from GitHub and install it on Windows 11. After installation, they will need to input their Azure AI service endpoint and key in the Terminal Chat settings and save these details.

This setup will connect Terminal Chat with the designated AI service, allowing for its full utilization within the command line environment.

One of the key benefits of Terminal Chat is its responsiveness and adaptability. Users can select a suggestion provided by the AI, and it will be directly copied to the input line of the terminal, providing an opportunity to review commands before execution.

Additionally, Terminal Chat recognizes the active shell being used and sends this context to the AI service. This tailored approach ensures that the AI’s responses are specifically adapted to the shell environment, providing relevant and accurate assistance, whether it’s the Command Prompt or PowerShell.

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