Microsoft experiments with a streamlined Windows 11 interface by reducing pre-installed apps

Microsoft has recently made some subtle changes to Windows 11 in order to differentiate it from previous versions. While most of the changes are visual, Microsoft is also focused on making the latest version of their operating system faster.

Starting with Windows 11 build 25987, the Movies & TV app and Maps app will no longer come pre-installed on new devices. However, current users will still receive updates for these apps. Additionally, the update introduces the ability to install WiFi drivers during the initial setup if needed. It also includes updates to the Delivery Optimization page in settings and allows for viewing and editing of metadata for PNG files.

After replacing Groove Music with Media Player, the newest insider build goes a step further by removing the Maps and Movies & TV apps. According to the latest build notes, these apps will not be available on a PC after a fresh install.

Microsoft assures that existing users will still be able to use and receive updates for these apps. However, their removal from the initial setup suggests that Microsoft wants to minimize their prominence and usage.

The removal of the Maps app may be particularly disappointing, as it was highly regarded for its comprehensive navigation features and was a carryover from Windows Phone. With the removal of offline maps features from Windows 11, the future of the Maps app is uncertain.

In terms of new features in Windows 11 build 25987, the official release notes only highlight a few important changes. These include the ability to specify the installation drive when downloading games in the Microsoft Store, an option to install WiFi drivers during the setup process, updates to the Delivery Optimization page, and the ability to view and edit metadata for PNG image files.

It’s worth noting that Canary Insider builds should be approached with caution, as they may contain significant errors that can affect system stability and gaming performance.

Overall, Microsoft’s updates to Windows 11 aim to enhance the user experience and improve the speed and functionality of the operating system.

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