Microsoft Edge now enables Mica on Windows 11

Microsoft Edge 120 is now accessible to all users, and the exciting news is that it has reintroduced the Mica effects. To enable Mica in Edge for Windows, simply navigate to Settings > Appearance and switch on the “Show Windows 11 visual effects in title bar and toolbar” option. It’s worth noting that this feature is exclusive to Windows 11.

The Mica effects, originally introduced with Windows 11, bring visual enhancements to the Windows operating system and core Microsoft applications, enhancing overall aesthetics. While Edge previously included a built-in Mica effect, it was later removed, resulting in a significant amount of user dissatisfaction. Following user feedback, Microsoft has now reinstated the Mica effect with the release of version 120.0.2210.61.

Despite the update bringing back the Mica effect, it is not enabled by default. However, activating the effects is a straightforward process following the installation of the latest stable build of Microsoft Edge. Once the browser restarts, users can enable Mica by navigating to edge://flags/#edge-visual-rejuv-mica and toggling the “Show Windows 11 visual effects in title bar and toolbar” option, then enabling the same toggle in the Settings > Appearance section.

In addition to the reintroduction of the Mica effect, the latest stable version of Edge includes significant changes. Notably, the RenderAppContainer feature enables the Windows native app container by default on Edge, enhancing security for administrators. Furthermore, updates to policies such as SmartActionsBlockList and several others contribute to improved browser security and management.

Moreover, this Edge release addresses three critical security issues—CVE-2023-38174, CVE-2023-35618, and CVE-2023-36880—ensuring a more secure browsing experience for users. The update is automatically installed for all users, with the new features and improvements available by navigating to Settings > About and downloading the latest update.

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