Microsoft Edge experiments with “AI-writing” on Windows 11, leveraging ChatGPT & Bing AI

Microsoft Edge has introduced a revolutionary tool called “AI-writing” that has the potential to revolutionize the world of blogging, journalism, and email writing. This feature, powered by ChatGPT’s GPT-4 and Bing AI, utilizes Microsoft’s AI and ML technologies to assist users in their web writing endeavors. By selecting text on any web page, users can request Microsoft Edge to rewrite the content according to their preferred tone and length.

Unlike the Compose Box, which is accessed via the sidebar, the AI writing feature is integrated into the web itself. With Edge’s AI integration, you can easily generate writing ideas, elaborate on them, rewrite content, change the tone, format, and more. Currently, Microsoft is conducting A/B testing with a select group of users, and only a few have access to this feature. It is currently available in the Canary version of Chromium Edge.

To utilize the “AI-writing” feature, simply turn it on in Settings, select the desired text in a text box, and click “Rewrite”. Microsoft Edge will then create a new version of the selected text, which can be inserted back into the text box or modified further using AI contextual buttons. When you select text in a text box, you will notice a new option called “Rewrite,” as shown in the screenshot above. By clicking this option, you can generate an alternative version of your text.

Furthermore, Microsoft also allows for customization of the generated texts. By clicking “Adjust,” you can access options such as Tones, Format, and Length. The “Tones” feature offers various options like “Professional,” “Casual,” “Enthusiastic,” “Informational,” and “Funny”. Depending on your selection, Edge will rewrite the content to match the specified tone. Additionally, you can switch between formats such as “Paragraph,” “Email,” “Blog post,” or “Ideas”. Microsoft is also testing length options, including “Short,” “Medium,” or “Long,” enabling users to make the most out of their original text or transform it into a long-form blog post.

Once you have made your desired changes, you can rewrite the text to generate another version and select “replace” to use the AI-generated content. These powerful features allow you to quickly summarize lengthy reports or rewrite existing content in a tone suitable for LinkedIn posts, emails, or blogs. Microsoft has informed us that this feature is currently in preview and is being tested with a small group of users. It is part of the tech giant’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Edge browser with new AI capabilities. Additionally, Edge now includes the “Bing AI” option in the PDF reader and context menu, offering users even more AI-powered functionality.

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