Microsoft Copilot and Alt+Tab integration tested in Windows 11 Build 23560

New Alt+Tab changes in Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced new changes to the Alt+Tab feature in Windows 11, offering users a more seamless way to switch between apps and utilize the Copilot AI. With the release of Windows 11 Build 23560, Microsoft has integrated the Alt+Tab feature, making it easier for users to navigate between apps and access the Copilot AI. However, it is important to note that the Copilot AI will only appear in the Task Switcher if it is opened from the taskbar.

While the Windows Copilot has the potential to be a game-changing assistant across various Microsoft products, it still has some limitations and issues to overcome. One of the main limitations is the lack of plugin support, making it difficult for users to integrate Copilot with other applications. In addition, there have been reported performance and compatibility issues with Copilot.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat-powered Copilot AI is a significant part of the latest update for Windows 11, known as Moment 4. Currently, the Copilot AI is in preview mode, offering a limited set of features. However, Microsoft is actively working on a new update that will include plugin support, deeper Windows integration, and Alt+Tab integration.

The recent change in Windows 11 Build 23560 allows Copilot support in Alt+Tab. This means that Copilot will appear alongside other apps in Windows 11’s Task Switcher (Alt+Tab), providing a convenient way for users to switch between apps and utilize the AI assistant. It’s important to note that this feature is optional and will only appear in the Task Switcher if Copilot is opened from the taskbar.

If users choose not to use Copilot, there will be no changes to the Alt+Tab behavior. However, if Copilot is opened and Alt+Tab is used, Copilot will be visible alongside other available apps. This integration between Alt+Tab and Copilot is only available in Windows 11 build 23560.

While Copilot has the potential to be a game changer, it is not without its flaws. Currently, it lacks several features due to the absence of plugin support, making it far from perfect. It also faces performance issues, including compatibility problems with AMD software. Users have also reported that opening the Copilot panel automatically reverts their desktop wallpaper to default, which can be quite frustrating.

On a positive note, the integration of Microsoft Edge WebView powers Copilot and allows for the addition of new features through Windows Web Experience packs. This means that features like plugins and integration with other apps can be added without the need for a full cumulative or feature update.

In addition to the Alt+Tab and Copilot integration, Windows 11 Build 23560 also includes several other fixes and improvements. These include a new look for the Windows license pages in the Microsoft Store, fixes for File Explorer bugs in the Moment 4 update, and performance improvements in the new Task Manager when expanding the menu.

Overall, the new Alt+Tab changes in Windows 11, along with the integration of Copilot AI, offer users a more streamlined and efficient multitasking experience. Although Copilot is still a work in progress, Microsoft is actively working on updates to enhance its capabilities and address its current limitations.

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