Microsoft clarifies Windows Terminal won’t replace Command Prompt in Windows 11, preserving similar word count.

Microsoft has made it clear that Windows Terminal will not replace Command Prompt on Windows 11 or future versions of the operating system. In a podcast on Microsoft’s YouTube channel, the tech giant discussed how Command Prompt will continue to exist with its current branding.

Windows Terminal offers a range of user-friendly features that are not available in the simple Command Prompt window. These include support for tabs, split panes, customization options like wallpapers, and various settings to personalize the Terminal’s behavior.

The Terminal app, originally announced at the Build 2020 developer conference, has evolved into a full-fledged terminal environment with backward compatibility, improved rendering using GPU acceleration, and modern text rendering. It provides access to Linux, Command Prompt, and PowerShell in one integrated environment.

Some users have expressed concerns that Command Prompt might be phased out due to the rise of the Terminal app and AI. However, Microsoft has reassured users that it is fully committed to preserving the legacy of Command Prompt.

According to Christopher Nguyen, a Program Manager at Microsoft, Windows Terminal and Command Prompt work together seamlessly. The Terminal serves as a host for command-line shells like Command Prompt, communicating commands to the Command Prompt for execution and showcasing the results.

Microsoft has also demonstrated visually captivating split-screen setups in Terminal, featuring PowerShell, Linux via WSL, and Command Prompt, each with distinct backgrounds. Customizing backgrounds not only adds a personal touch but also helps distinguish between different shells.

It is important to note that Terminal was never intended to replace Command Prompt. Microsoft has no plans to stop using the Command Prompt or PowerShell branding and considers them an essential part of the Windows experience. The company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Command Prompt while continuously upgrading the terminal environment on Windows.

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