With the start of the latest Windows Insider bug bash yesterday, it seems that Microsoft inadvertently shared its internal “StagingTool” app that can enable hidden features in Windows 11 Insider builds. Windows Insider Xenopanther discovered the tool in some bug bash quests before it was eventually removed by Microsoft.

The installer for Microsoft’s StagingTool app is still being shared on the internet and functions similarly to third-party apps like ViveTool, which Windows enthusiasts have used to uncover hidden features in Windows 11 preview builds. Additionally, this app can be used to activate new features that Microsoft releases through controlled feature rollouts, addressing the frustration often experienced by eager Insiders wanting to test new features.

Microsoft’s StagingTool app utilizes a command line interface, requiring Insiders to utilize specific feature IDs to enable disabled features on Windows 11. For those willing to experiment, the app isn’t overly difficult to locate and could become a valuable resource within the Windows Insider community.

While this is a peculiar misstep for the Windows Insider team, the Windows Insider bug bash is still underway and will continue until Monday, August 7. Yesterday, Microsoft released new Windows 11 preview builds for Insiders on the Dev and Beta channels, with the Windows Copilot Preview now available in the latter.

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