Hands-on Experience with Windows 11: Enhancing Paint with Photoshop-Esque Layers & Transparency Features

Microsoft is introducing new features to enhance the classic Paint app on Windows 11, such as Layers and Transparency, making it more versatile. While it’s not aiming to compete with Photoshop, these additions allow for intricate designs and editing of transparent PNG files directly in the app. Microsoft is transforming Paint into a valuable graphics editing software, with plans to make it more powerful in future updates. The previous update included a background removal tool, similar to Photoshop. Now, Microsoft is adding Layers and Transparency features to Paint. Layers function like transparent sheets stacked together, where each layer can be edited independently. Think of it as building a sandwich with different ingredients representing each layer. This allows for more complex designs and the ability to stack various elements, including shapes and images, to create a work of art. To use layers in Paint for Windows 11, download and install the updated version of the app and click the new Layers button in the toolbar. The layers panel on the right side of the screen allows you to add, remove, change the order, show/hide, duplicate, and merge layers. Transparent PNG files now load in Paint, and you can create one using the background removal tool if needed. These new features are currently being tested with Windows Insiders, but you can manually download and install the updated Paint if you can’t wait to try them out.

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