Google is currently investigating the issue of data loss reported by several users of its Drive desktop client. The Google Drive team has acknowledged the problem and assured users that they are working on a solution. They recommend not to click “Disconnect account” within Drive for desktop and to avoid deleting or moving the app data folder. Additionally, users are advised to make a copy of the app data folder if they have space on their hard drive.

The first report of data loss appeared 6 days ago, and since then, several other similar reports have surfaced. Users have reported losing several months of data, and the issue seems to affect both Windows and Mac users, as well as some who only use the web client.

This problem comes at a poor time for many users, including myself. I recently recommended Google Drive and have been transitioning more and more of my data from OneDrive to Google Drive due to the declining quality of OneDrive in Windows 11. Fortunately, I have not encountered this issue and hope that Google can resolve it swiftly.

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