Microsoft recently announced the Windows 10 Extended Security Update Program, with the astounding revelation that it will be offered to consumers, upending the precedent set by the similar programs for Windows XP and Windows 7, which were exclusively for businesses. However, as of now, the context for this consumer offering is unclear as no corresponding announcement for the consumer version of the service has been made.

According to the Microsoft Learn website, individual consumers or organizations who choose to continue using Windows 10 after support ends on October 14, 2025, will have the option to enroll their PC in the paid Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. This program will allow PCs to continue receiving Critical and Important security updates through an annual subscription service. While further details, including pricing, will be provided at a later date, the announcement is still considered a positive development, especially given that Windows 10 continues to be used on significantly more PCs than Windows 11, primarily due to the strict hardware requirements of the latter. This new development allows those who prefer to remain on Windows 10 to do so, albeit at a currently unspecified cost.

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