Have you heard about the new AI-powered Microsoft Edge browser? It’s pretty cool! This browser has a special feature called Copilot, which is like a helpful assistant for your web browsing. You can ask Copilot to do things for you, like change settings or find answers to your questions.

Copilot is built into the Bing AI sidebar in the browser. When you click on the Bing icon, a sidebar pops up and you can ask Copilot to do things like switch from light mode to dark mode, enable vertical tabs, open downloads, or open Collections.

Right now, Copilot is still being developed and it can’t do everything yet. But in the future, it could become even more powerful and be available on other devices like Macs and Linux computers.

The whole Copilot experience is powered by Bing’s AI technology. Bing uses ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-3 to understand what you want and turn it into actions. It’s a smart system that’s always learning and getting better.

Not everyone has access to Copilot yet, as Microsoft is rolling it out slowly. But it’s exciting to see how AI is being used to make our web browsing experience even better. Microsoft is really investing in AI and making it a big part of their products.

So, keep an eye out for Copilot in Microsoft Edge, and get ready to have a super smart assistant to help you with your web browsing!

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