ChatGPT AI Integration Coming to Notepad in Windows 11 by Microsoft

The Notepad app on Windows 11 will soon be receiving an AI upgrade, following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Paint and Copilot family. The updates include a new ChatGPT-4 powered feature called “Cocreator.” This feature allows users to generate unique and original content directly within the app using AI capabilities. The system may be based on a credit system, with initial boosts offered for creating original content and slower generation times once the initial credits are used. The updated app package also provides insights into the user interface elements of Cocreator and hints at the upcoming Notepad AI feature’s rollout to testers. The promotional image further details how users can interact with the AI, offering options for modifying text and providing context-aware suggestions. Overall, the inclusion of AI integration in Notepad represents Microsoft’s push to incorporate AI capabilities across a variety of its applications, which includes Notepad and Paint. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on this AI integration in the comments section.

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