Beta Channel Testers Get Access to the New Windows 11 Settings Homepage

Microsoft recently released the Windows 11 Insider builds 22631.2262 and 22621.2262 on the Beta Channel. This article will focus on build 22631.2262, which introduces new features for the upcoming 23H2 update of Windows 11.

One of the notable additions in build 22631.2262 is the new Settings homepage on the Beta channel. The homepage utilizes a card-based interface to provide convenient access to recommended settings, cloud storage, personalization options, Bluetooth devices, and Microsoft 365 and Xbox subscriptions. However, it’s worth mentioning that this new interface is currently rolling out to a specific group of Beta channel testers and is not available for devices managed by organizations.

Beta channel testers can also explore the new Windows Backup app, which allows them to backup folders, apps, settings, and credentials to the cloud. This app serves as an alternative to the existing backup feature found in Accounts/Windows Backup in Settings. By utilizing the Windows Backup app to secure personal data, users can easily restore it during the Windows 11 out-of-box experience. It’s important to note that backing up work or school accounts is not supported.

Additionally, build 22631.2262 introduces a couple of other changes. The Cast flyout in Quick Settings now includes a support link to assist users with troubleshooting discovery and other casting issues. Furthermore, users with devices featuring RGB lights can now synchronize them with their Windows accent color in Settings. This new feature, known as “Dynamic Lighting,” also allows users to select a custom color for their devices directly within the Settings app.

Lastly, Microsoft has issued a warning to Beta Channel Insiders regarding a bug in the previous flight. The bug caused the “Check for updates” button to be missing from Windows Update. To install this build, users can employ a workaround by opening the Run dialog or Windows Terminal and entering the USOClient StartInteractiveScan command, which prompts the OS to search for updates. If this workaround is not performed, the new build will install automatically within the next day or two.

In conclusion, build 22631.2262 of Windows 11 on the Beta Channel brings forth new features such as the Settings homepage, Windows Backup app, enhanced Cast flyout, dynamic lighting for devices with RGB lights, and various bug fixes. Beta Channel Insiders can enjoy testing these features and provide valuable feedback to further improve Windows 11.

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