There has been an issue noticed on Windows 11 or 10, regarding the “Update and shut down” option not functioning as expected. Instead of shutting down the system, it simply installs the update and returns to the login screen. This behavior has been confirmed by other users through a Reddit thread and numerous posts on the Feedback Hub. It is important to note that while this feature works for many users, there is a small minority that experiences difficulties with it.

The question arises as to why this option is offered if it only restarts the system instead of shutting it down. Users have expressed frustration, as they expected the system to restart a few times before shutting down. This inconvenience poses a problem for those who want to remove a device while the computer is off or conserve power overnight. This behavior has been observed with Windows 10 KB5028166 and Windows 11 KB5028185.

To understand why the “Update and shut down” option acts as “Update and restart,” a former Microsoft developer, who prefers to remain anonymous, provided some insights. One possible cause is the Fast Startup feature, which is designed to enhance boot times by saving system information to a file during the shutdown process. This information helps the system boot up faster during the next startup. However, during the installation of Windows updates, this feature may unintentionally lead to a restart instead of a complete shutdown.

Another factor could be the nature of the update process itself. If updates haven’t been installed for an extended period or if an update hasn’t been fully completed, Windows 11 or 10 may require a restart to proceed with the installation.

As a result, using the “update and shut down” option for installing updates doesn’t work as intended and instead triggers a restart. This issue exists not only in Windows 11 but also in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Whether Microsoft plans to address this issue in the future remains uncertain. However, it is expected that the wording of the option will be improved.

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