23H2, Microsoft Teams (Free), Plus Premium Inefficiency in Communication

Microsoft’s laughable lack of effective communication has reached ridiculous levels with the launch of Windows 11 version 23H2. However, it’s not just the product or the non-existent “Fall update” that we were promised. There is also an issue with the one “major” new feature in 23H2 that was not previously available for preview.

I am, of course, talking about Microsoft Teams (free). Microsoft’s popular and widely-used collaboration tool has been integrated into Windows 11, allowing users to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with their teams. But here’s the problem: this feature was never released in its preview form, which means users have been deprived of the opportunity to test and provide feedback before its official launch.

This incompetence in communication reflects poorly on Microsoft and raises concerns about their ability to deliver on promises. The lack of transparency surrounding the release of 23H2 and the inclusion of Microsoft Teams highlights the company’s disregard for user experience and satisfaction.

In order to maintain their competitive edge and uphold their reputation, Microsoft needs to prioritize effective communication and ensure that their products and updates are thoroughly tested and validated before public release. This not only benefits users but also helps Microsoft avoid further embarrassment and damage to their brand image.

It is clear that Microsoft has a long way to go in improving their communication strategies. They must learn from these missteps and take concrete actions to regain users’ trust and confidence. Otherwise, their laughable inability to communicate effectively will continue to hinder their success and leave users frustrated and disappointed.

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