Windows 11’s Bing AI brings dark mode to Google Chrome, with some limitations.

Bing AI is now available on Google Chrome and Safari, as Microsoft has begun rolling out the feature. Users of Windows 11 and 10 have been receiving pop-ups that grant access to Bing AI on Google Chrome. Some users have also reported having access to Bing AI on Safari.

Powered by ChatGPT-4, Bing AI is an advanced language model that offers exceptional performance for consumers. It was initially introduced for Microsoft Edge users in late February, but now it supports all browsers, including Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

A new pop-up has started appearing on the taskbar of Windows 10 and 11, allowing users to try Bing AI on Chrome. In our tests, we were able to access Bing AI on Google Chrome, along with a native dark mode. As shown in the screenshots below, the white background changes to a black hue, matching the new dark theme of Microsoft Edge.

The logo of Bing is blue, while the icons representing different features, buttons, and areas are white or blue.

Switching between dark and light themes on Bing is convenient, as you can easily toggle them from the hamburger menu. Bing offers three theme settings – light, dark, and system default, which automatically detects the user’s operating system preference.

Interesting to note, Microsoft has limited the Bing Chat capabilities in Chrome. During our tests, we observed that Chrome’s Bing only supports five messages per conversation, whereas Microsoft Edge supports 30. Additionally, Bing on Chrome has a character count limit of 2,000, whereas Edge allows up to 4,000 characters.

When accessing’s AI on Google Chrome, Microsoft repeatedly displays a pop-up encouraging users to “Start exploring in Edge.” Clicking the “Chat now” button launches Microsoft Edge.

It is important to mention that Bing’s support for all browsers is still being gradually rolled out and is currently available to select users. According to a Microsoft source, Bing AI will be available on Chrome and Safari for everyone in the coming days or weeks.

Microsoft is actively developing a new feature called “No search” or “ChatGPT-like mode” for Bing AI, which will enable users to interact with Bing more quickly. Currently, whenever you ask Bing AI a question, it searches the web for the answer. In contrast, ChatGPT does not have a search engine or web browsing capability and relies solely on AI-generated responses. Bing AI, on the other hand, relies on web scraping to extract information from various websites, which may result in less ‘human’ answers.

To address user concerns about Bing’s reliance on a search engine, Microsoft is introducing the “no search” feature. With this update, Bing will respond to users using its AI capabilities instead of relying heavily on web crawling.

In a recent update, Bing AI introduced several new features, including visual search. Microsoft utilizes OpenAI’s image recognition technology to describe and interpret images while providing relevant answers.

Microsoft has assured that Bing will remain a free service, with the enterprise edition operating independently.

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