After being released, the Windows 11 KB5034204 update is causing problems for some users. Reports indicate that the update won’t install for some due to error code 0x8007000d. Other issues include problems with the taskbar and File Explorer, even after a successful installation.

The KB5034204 update is optional for Windows 11 23H2/22H2, and Microsoft has stated that it won’t download or install automatically. Due to these issues, it’s suggested that users consider skipping the update.

Users have reported issues with the update in the comments section and on the Feedback Hub. Reports mention that KB5034204 is failing to install, with error 0x8007000d being a common issue. The installation process reaches 100%, but messages indicate missing files.

When the update fails, Windows automatically rolls back the installation attempt and displays a message stating “Something didn’t go as planned. No need to worry- undoing changes. Please keep your computer on”.

These installation issues were also experienced with a previous Windows 11 update, KB5034123. Even after trying to troubleshoot the issues with update troubleshooter and the System File Checker (sfc), the issues persist for many users.

In addition to installation problems, the update has led to unexpected issues with File Explorer and the taskbar. Some users have reported unresponsiveness in File Explorer, blank desktop screens, error messages, and difficulties interacting with desktop and taskbar icons.

On the other hand, the update does fix some issues, such as improving the search bar in the Start menu and making improvements to File Explorer Gallery. It also enhances the performance of Bluetooth earbuds and allows for smoother Bluetooth calls using a PC.

Despite these fixes, the overall user experience with the Windows 11 KB5034204 update remains mixed due to the installation and other problems faced by many users.

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