The January 2024 update (KB5034123) for Windows 11 is facing installation issues for some users, and the root cause is unclear. According to the official documentation, Microsoft seems to be unaware of the installation problems, despite numerous user reports.

Reports suggest that error codes such as 0x800f081f and 0x80188309 are preventing the update from being installed correctly. Troubleshooting methods have been unsuccessful for some users, indicating the widespread nature of the issue.

Additionally, users have encountered audio stuttering while playing games or streaming Netflix after installing the update. At this stage, it is essential for the affected users to perform an in-place upgrade using the Windows 11 ISO or Media Creation Tool to resolve the installation issues. Further detailed instructions for this process can be found on the Microsoft website.

It’s worth noting that not all users are experiencing these issues, and Microsoft is likely already investigating the reports, as they have acknowledged similar problems with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022 updates.

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