Microsoft is currently working on the development of the next-generation of Windows, code-named “Windows 24H2,” which is expected to be called “Windows 12.” The company has returned to a three-year development cycle for this new version. However, a Microsoft employee publicly denied the existence of “Windows 12” on X (formerly Twitter) and quickly deleted their statement, raising questions and adding to the intrigue.

Over the weekend, the same Microsoft employee addressed the speculation surrounding Windows 12 on X. They unequivocally claimed that “Windows 12 is not a thing” in multiple tweets, which were promptly removed. The motive behind retracting these tweets remains unknown, further deepening the mystery. It’s possible that the employee was unaware of Microsoft’s plans to name the next-generation Windows as “Windows 12.”

So, why all the talk about Windows 12 in the first place? It started when developer Rafael Rivera discovered hints pertaining to “Windows 12” within VMWare’s ESXI Version 8 software. However, it’s important to note that such clues in software are not always indicative of actual plans. According to an ex-staffer from Oracle, these hints could be included for future planning and testing purposes, rather than being a confirmation of a specific product name.

While the speculation and rumors continue to circulate, Microsoft has kept a tight lid on the details of the upcoming Windows version. However, references to the next generation of Windows did make an appearance at Build 2023. Based on job listings, Microsoft is working on a web-centric version of Windows intended to challenge the dominance of Chrome OS. This web-focused Windows 12 will coexist with the traditional desktop environment, rather than replacing it.

In conclusion, while the existence of “Windows 12” is still uncertain, the ongoing speculation and clues suggest that Microsoft is indeed working on the next generation of Windows, which is expected to bring significant advancements and a web-first approach.

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