Introducing AI Chat prompt in Windows Terminal: A Sneak Peek

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal on Windows 11 is getting an AI upgrade that will integrate AI into Command Prompt, PowerShell, and other command line features. This marks the second major AI upgrade following Windows Copilot. While it is unclear when this update will be released, Microsoft has been internally testing the integration of an “AI chatbot” in Windows Terminal.

During a Windows WinUI community call with developers, Microsoft showcased the integration of GitHub Copilot Chat experience into the Windows Terminal, aiming to enhance user experience and expand the use of AI in their products.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft has confirmed that they are exploring a chat interface similar to ChatGPT for Terminal AI. This AI-powered chat goes beyond cosmetic changes and can assist with everyday command line tasks by suggesting commands and clarifying errors.

For example, users can ask the Terminal AI to provide commands for listing directories in the local drive, and the AI will generate the results.

One interesting feature of this AI integration is its ability to recognize context. It adjusts its responses based on whether users are working with PowerShell or Command Prompt, providing relevant assistance accordingly.

Instead of relying on memorized commands or extensive searches, users can communicate directly with the Terminal using natural language. If users are unsure about a specific command or encounter an error, the AI can recommend commands, clarify errors, or even execute certain actions within the Terminal.

Users have control over the commands recommended by the AI. When a message is selected within the chat, the command isn’t automatically executed in the Terminal. Instead, it is simply pasted, allowing users to review or modify the command based on the AI’s recommendation before taking action.

Microsoft is still actively working on this AI upgrade for Windows Terminal on Windows 11, which is expected to be released later this year.

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