Instagram Threads app to arrive on Windows 11 in the near future

Instagram is currently developing a complete web app for Threads, which will be available in the Microsoft Store for both Windows 11 and Windows 10. Although Threads has gained popularity in terms of downloads and buzz, it falls behind Twitter and other text-based social media apps in terms of features.

Currently, Threads lacks hashtags, a comprehensive search function, and web support. However, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri has confirmed that these limitations may soon change. In a series of posts on Threads, Mosseri announced that Instagram is working on adding hashtag support and upgrading to include all the features expected from a web app.

Additionally, Mosseri confirmed that a web version of the Threads app is in development. This web version will offer a native app-like experience with deeper integration into Windows 11, including support for the taskbar and notification center. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, plans to complete the development of the web app before releasing it in the Microsoft Store.

An anonymous Meta employee also revealed that Threads will soon be available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. However, the development of the web app/website is a priority for the company before the Microsoft Store release.

The Threads web app for Windows 11 will provide a similar experience to using the Threads website but will offer a more native app-like feel. This approach is similar to the Instagram app for Windows, which is a web wrapper or progressive web app (PWA) for

The introduction of Threads in the Microsoft Store means that users will no longer need to use their phones to post or interact with threads.

Exciting features are on the horizon for Threads. Instagram is actively working on additions such as post editing, multi-account switching (similar to Instagram), a trending section, a GIF picker for quick GIF uploads, the ability to tag people in photos and videos, and the option to pin threads to profiles. While it’s unknown when these features will be released, Meta is committed to continuously improving Threads, with a significant update expected to bring hashtag support.

(Image Courtesy: Meta)

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