Canary and Dev Channel Insiders Now Have Access to New Windows 11 Builds

Microsoft has recently released two new Windows 11 preview builds for Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channel. However, the changes in both channels are minor.

In the Windows 11 Canary build 25951, there are two new features for IT professionals. The SMB client now supports blocking NTLM for remote outbound connections, and the SMB server now supports controlling the SMB 2 and 3 dialects it negotiates. These features can be configured with Group Policy and PowerShell.

The release notes for this build also mention an update to the network flyout on the Lock screen, which now better matches the UI of the network flyout from Quick Settings. Additionally, Microsoft is investigating a known issue that causes the print queue to become inaccessible in this build.

In the build 23545 for Dev Channel Insiders, Microsoft is experimenting with different behaviors when clicking on the search highlight gleam in the search box. Clicking on the gleam may take you to a page for the search highlight in some cases. A tooltip will always be shown when hovering over the search box.

This build also introduces a change to the system-level Share window. Insiders signed in with an Azure AD account will now see Microsoft Teams contacts on this window. Furthermore, Insiders can easily change the name of their device in Settings > System > Nearby sharing for Nearby share scenarios.

The build 23545 also includes various bug fixes for the new version of File Explorer, which is still experiencing some bugs. An issue that was causing Search to sometimes not launch has also been resolved.

In addition, Microsoft has released two new builds for the Beta Channel. These builds bring a new Focus session widget and allow for the uninstallation of more inbox apps, including Camera, Photos, and People.

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